Optimise Your Asset Distribution

Fast-track your Will writing process by going through a one-on-one consultation with me – so you can focus on other priorities in life.

Give us a couple of discussions (spread out over the next 2 weeks) and you’ll walk away with…


A blueprint of solidifying your current and future cashflow to ensure you achieve medical independence.


A re-organised financial portfolio to optimise the distribution of your assets according to the way you want them to be.


A Will drafted by a Will Writing Software that is heavily discounted.
Usual: $500 Promo: $120

Here’s how it works


In our first discussion, we will explore ways to solidify your income – through the use of a predictive modelling software.


We’ll discuss the distribution outcome that you want, which we will then strategise and optimise your assets to reach your outcome.


We will proceed to draft the final Will. By working with my partner, you’ll gain access to unlimited revisions to your Will for 365 days. You get to enjoy highly discounted rates too!

Here’s what others are talking about Adrian…

Adrian was extremely knowledgeable and familiar with different types of policies and plans and was able to explain clearly and respond to my queries well. Most importantly, he demonstrated sincerity and care for his client such that I know his recommendations would be in my best interest. On top of that, Adrian was professional, never late, has a quick response time, and is always fully prepared for meetings. I understand a lot more about my coverage and needs for retirement after hearing all his advice.
Shirley Sim
Senior Assistant Director, HP-NTU Digital Manufacturing Corporate Lab
Adrian is a very good financial planner who gives me good advice, good product comparison. He is not pushy and he articulates his points well. Even my mum, who is a layman, trusts him with his recommendations. His warmth and helpful character are the reason that I entrust my family’s financial planning to him.
Janice Ang
Project Delivery Manager

Kick-start your Will writing process by going through a one-on-one consultation with me – so you can focus on other priorities in life.

Here’s everything that’s included:

Predictive modelling of future cashflow (value $197)

Optimise your asset and portfolio (value $97)

Access to Will-writing services platform at $120 only – optional (savings $380)

Access to wide variety of financial tools if required (priceless!)

Total Value: $674

Complimentary for workshop participants!

Frequently Asked Questions

Adrian is a MAS-licensed Financial Advisory Representative from one of the largest Independent Financial Advisory organisation in Singapore. For the past 10 years, he helped many of his friends and clients in areas of protecting their wealth and income, as well as growing their assets. If these two things are done well, the natural next step is to properly plan for wealth distribution, which is why this workshop was created to bring you closer to your goals.

We understand that you may want to look into protecting your income and achieving medical independence first, before you go more in-depth into writing your Will. We respect that, and it is absolutely okay. Once you scheduled a discussion with Adrian, you will lock in your rates at $120 to use the Will-writing software and anytime within the next month if you like to draft your Will, you are still able to enjoy the promotional rates.

Don’t worry about it. Sometimes it happens and I will totally respect your opinion if we are not a good fit for each other. There will be no hard feelings and I will still be glad that I helped you in one way or another through the workshop. 100% Risk-Free for you.

Absolutely! We are happy that you have already done these and it shows that you are someone who is responsible about yourself and your family. Just hit on the Schedule button anywhere on this page to schedule an initial debrief on how to get started on writing your Will.

You may have other priorities at this moment and we totally respect that. It’s definitely okay to skip the first step and jump right into optimising your assets and will writing. Little fuss and hassle-free.