Hi, this is Adrian. Congratulations on taking the first step. This is what we will be discussing during the appointment.

Number 1 – All things start with you. We will take some time to discuss the type of retirement life you’re looking for, since this will directly impact how we plan. Everyone have different expectations and I’d want to know what’s the best for you.

Number 2 – We’ll go through to see where are you at, in your planning process, through a series of questions. This will determine how we can bring you to the next level. As much as we want to settle everything all at once, the reality is, retirement planning is a step-by-step process.

Number 3 – There are so many ways that can allow you to reach your goals. We will talk about some of these methods and narrow down to areas that suit you, and filter out those that don’t.

Once again, well done for taking this step as I understand it can be difficult to do so.

See you soon!