About Me

Ever wonder to yourself why you are still short of cash after working for so long? Money is a means to an end. There is probably no one who wants to have more money for the sake of it. We should be able to do what we want, when we want. Some of us wants to have more money and retire early to do the things we liked; and others may want to provide for their family. But in a society that’s fast-paced, combined with hectic work and family life, sometimes we lose track of where we are. Before we know it, another 10 years is gone. The key is to make current and future plans, set an expectation for ourselves and in this way, we take money out of our focus. With that gone, we can then enjoy our day-to-day lives, knowing that our life in on track; even if we lose track of ourselves, we can be assured that something is still running in the background, bringing us to where we want to be.

My name is Adrian Chen, and I am a representative from the biggest Independent Financial Advisory Firm (IFA) in Singapore. With 7 years of experience helping customers with their financial plans in one of the leading insurance firms in Singapore, I switched to the Independent Financial Advisory space with a passion to help individuals and families protect what’s important to them, and at the same time, plan for what lies ahead of them. I’m a beneficiary of good planning from my parents and wife, and I aim to help others alleviate their financial status. I’m like a personal trainer that custom-fit programs based on your strength and enhance it to your advantage, and work closely with you to ensure that you reach your goals.